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MysteryMonday: Lower Plenty Road at Watsonia Drain, Viewbank, c.1965

MYSTERY SOLVED – looking eastwards across the Watsonia Drain and along Lower Plenty Road at a point just opposite Bannockburn Road (on the right, out of view). The main direction of sight is looking down the new alignment for Lower Plenty Road where a bulldozer is clearing for its construction towards the new Lower Plenty Bridge.

#MysteryMonday – Today’s image is of a rural highway scene, most likely within the former Shire of Eltham. It has been digitised from a single frame of medium format 6 x 6 negative so no surrounding images to help identify or date. But it is believed to be mid 1960s. The scene depicts a rural highway sweeping around to the right as it crosses a creek running from left to right.

Possibly a scene around Lower Plenty, Shire of Eltham, c.1965 (from the collection of Eltham District Historical Society)

There is a house in the upper centre of the image and just behind the house to the upper left can be seen a high voltage transmission tower. In those days, the only transmission lines in the shire were running through the Lower Plenty district. The transmission lines running north through Research and northwest were yet to be constructed so that should assist in identification.

Can you solve the mystery and help us to catalogue this image?

Over to you . . .