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MysteryMonday: Residential Street, Eltham Area, 16 May 1990

View of property at 24 Artists Hill from near 32 Piper Crescent, Eltham, 16 May 1990. Piper Crescent and Artists Hill have since been sealed. (From the collection of Eltham District Historical Society)

MYSTERY SOLVED – Piper Crescent, Eltham

#MysteryMonday – Following last Monday’s phenomenal response to our initial Mystery Monday challenge, which successfully identified the Long Gully Bridge in Panton Hill, today’s challenge may just prove a little more difficult.

Today’s images are of a residential area, possibly Research or Eltham North but frankly we leave that to you to call upon your collective expert local knowledge to decide. The pictures were taken on 16 May 1990 and are sequential on a roll of negative film. The first shot was stitched together from two frames, the second from three frames.

32 Piper Crescent, Eltham. The land to the right (behind the fenceline) is now the back of the properties at 1 to 4 Artists Hill (from the collection of Eltham District Historical Society)

That is all that is on the negative. Perhaps the area strikes a chord with you, perhaps you even know someone who may live there. Perhaps the house is yours. It is very possible the street may now have been sealed.

Can you identify it? We’d love to hear from you; your thoughts and suggestions as to where it is, any stories you can tell about the area, and better still, any similar photos you can share?

Over to you . . .