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ThrowbackThursday: Eltham Art and Craft Market 1988

#ThrowbackThursday – The 1980s; big jeans, big shoulders, big hair (and short shorts, aka Stubbies, on blokes). And 1988 was probably the pinnacle of that 80s fashion.

Today we time travel back to June 1988; to the carpark between Safeway and Commercial Place, site of the  regular @Eltham Community Craft and Produce Market where all that was fashionable was available.

These images are from a roll of film recently digitised as part of our 50th Birthday project to catalogue our collection on Victorian Collections to help preserve and share these precious moments in time. The full roll can be seen in our catalogue on Victorian Collections.

No doubt most Elthamites have at some stage or other spent time wandering around the Art and Craft market. Do you recognise anyone in these images? Do you recognise yourself? What are your memories of time spent here and purchases made?

And don’t forget to check out the backgrounds to see what has changed and what is still the same.