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MysteryMonday: A Centre of Creativity or Simply Shabby Chic, Eltham, 1989?

#MysteryMonday – Today’s images are from a roll of colour negative film, taken by a staff member from the Shire of Eltham in 1989. Other pictures on the film include staff undertaking daily duties; building inspectors on site, health inspector at Safeway and maternal health care nurse attending to vaccinations. It is suspected that these images are in Eltham; possibly even associated with the Living and Learning Centre.

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 6 strips
Fuji 100
Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 6 strips
Fuji 100
Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 6 strips
Fuji 100

Is the fellow featured an artist? Do you recognise him or do any of the buildings look familiar?  As an aside; the tin sign lying flat on the brick structure behind him says “Atlantic Ethyl”. Atlantic Ethyl was a new motor spirit introduced in August 1934 by the Atlantic Union Oil Company claiming to give better performance and cold starts. The fuel was replaced with a new leaded variety in 1940. So it would seem that the sign is dated 1934-1940.

Can you identify these? We’d love to hear from you; your thoughts and suggestions as to where they are and help us catalogue these images.

Over to you . . .

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ThrowbackThursday: Eltham Parade 1982

#ThrowbackThursday – Who can’t resist a good parade? Nowadays the excitement and frequency of parades down Main Street, Eltham seems to have dwindled. Anzac Day, Eltham Spring Festival, in fact any good excuse; we just do not seem to experience them as much now but no doubt everyone can remember back to parades of the past; either participating through various school or community groups or simply watching the show and cheering the floats from the side of the road.

An fabulous display of local flowers and veggies proudly lead the parade down Main Street, Eltham, 1982

Today we time travel back to 1982 and the Eltham Parade as it progresses along Main Road past the Catholic Church heading towards Bridge Street. It was the year the Tasmanian Wilderness Society was in full force with the Save the Franklin River campaign, and Diamond Valley Railway was celebrating 21 years of passenger service.

These images are from a roll of film recently digitised as part of our 50th Birthday project to catalogue our collection on Victorian Collections to help preserve and share these precious moments in time.

Does anyone remember this parade? The time was late 1982 or early 1983; most likely Spring, 1982 and typically of that time of year, towards the end of the parade it poured with rain.

What is a parade without a fire engine to rev up the children (big and small). The Catholic Church can be seen in the background, much the same as today.
The Tasmanian Wilderness Society’s platypus float and Save the Franklin campaign, which resulted in success in 1983.
The Shire of Eltham Historical Society’s float as we used to be formally known as prior to the cessation of the Shire in late 1994.
And what parade in Eltham did not include Jock Read on his faithful mount here leading (but not seen in this image) the Horse and Pony club.
The Living and Learning Centre float
Diamond Valley Railway was founded in 1960 and commenced operations in 1961. Celebrating 21 years of passenger service.
The Victorian Police Marching Band take up the parade rear guard
The Victorian Police Marching Band standing proud in the pouring rain
The Shire of Eltham Historical Society were awarded a certificate by Rotary for the most effort by ‘locals’ in participation of the Eighth Eltham Community Festival 1982.