Collection Policy

What Will Be Collected

As set out in the Constitution of the Eltham District Historical Society Incorporated, the purposes of the Society include but are not limited to:

  • Foster historical interest and knowledge particularly, but not exclusively, in the Eltham District.
  • Compile and keep historical records of the Eltham district and the former Shire of Eltham.
  • Promote, encourage, or assist with the preservation and conservation of places, sites and objects of historical importance.
  • Collect and preserve objects and materials of historical interest.

The Eltham District Historical Society currently holds material relating to the former Shire of Eltham, the boundaries of which now overlap with other local Historical Societies. The Society will collect research material (and in some cases items of historical significance) relating to the Eltham District (Eltham, Eltham North, Research, Kangaroo Ground, Montmorency, Briar Hill and Lower Plenty) but may also include material pertinent to the history of Victoria where relevant to the understanding of our local history including pre-European settlement. Themes included cover:

  • Local people
  • Domestic life
  • Working life
  • Education
  • Recreation, economic and social conditions
  • Art and culture
  • Births, deaths and marriages
  • Cemeteries
  • Townships, urban and rural development
  • Built environment
  • Natural environment
  • Local government
  • Local industry, services and transport
  • Monuments
  • Community groups and organisations

The acquisition of any items for the Society’s collection is subject to satisfying the purposes set out in the Constitution. Any items being considered for acquisition by purchase or donation must be relevant and significant to the understanding of the history of the Eltham District.

The physical items to be collected for the research collection include:

  • Books – reference, histories, family histories, and other source material
  • Primary sources – including diaries, minute books, correspondence, etc.
  • Documents – from local government, schools, churches, local organisations, families, and individuals
  • Local newspapers
  • Community newsletters and publications of local organisations
  • Local government publications and records
  • Maps of the district and relevant State maps
  • Photographs of the district, district people and events
  • Audio-visual material including oral histories which have been converted to a suitable digital format:
    • Video-tapes of local events and activities
    • Audio-tapes of interviews of local people, local radio stations
    • Movie film
  • CDs, DVDs, and future electronic and digital forms of local events and activities, interviews of local people, local radio stations, oral histories, etc.
  • Computer generated information in a file format compatible with the Society’s hardware and software
  • Ephemera and other related items relevant to the local area where the provenance of the items is known.

Download the Society’s Collection Policy


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Our Society encourages interest in and the sharing of stories about the local history of the Eltham district in Victoria, Australia

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