Signs of the Times: Eltham Street Names with History

Josiah Holloway (c.1812-1874)
The land originally proclaimed as the Government township of Eltham lay between the Yarra River and the line of Dalton Street and Withers Way, essentially what we now know as Eltham South. In 1851, Melbourne property developer Josiah Holloway purchased one square mile immediately to the north of this. His parcel of land was bounded on the south and west by Dalton and Bolton Streets and on the north and east by lines near present day Grove and Rockliffe Streets. He subdivided immediately, calling the subdivision Little Eltham. Today’s central Eltham is contained within this subdivision. Holloway named some streets after family members, others after British politicians or notable people of the era. Holloway never lived in Eltham, yet his actions changed Eltham forever.

This list covers the streets within Holloway’s subdivision, as well as others in the broader Eltham area. While the history of many of the names is known, there are some where research has suggested a source for the name and others where the origin is unknown.

Signs of the Times – Eltham Street Names with History

Pondering the Paranormal

Recently we were approached by Emily Rawle, a Journalism student at Deakin University interested in doing a small piece on ghost stories in Eltham, in support of one of her course assessments. This approach was made in response to a story we ran in 2018 about the Swallow murders in New Street, now Lavender Park Road, Eltham.

Emily was curious whether there were any events in Eltham’s past that could explain ghostly presences and whether these sorts of stories generate interest in the community’s history.

You can listen to Emily’s podcast on her site about an incident in Lavender Park Road her friend experienced and also hear what comments our President, Jim Connor has to offer about other occurences at Edendale Farm.

Have you ever experienced any similar activity? If so, what do you think about Eltham’s ghost stories? Please feel free to share your experiences.