October Meeting – The Spirit of Eltham

Eltham District Historical Society Meeting

Wednesday, 10th October 2018 at 8pm

Eltham Senior Citizens’ Centre, Library Place, Eltham

Aerial view showing the Senior Citizen’s building on left, Shire of Eltham office, new Eltham Library and relocated Shillinglaw Cottage on right, 1994 ( from the collection of Eltham District Historical Society @elthamhistory )

At this Society meeting we will explore ideas about what is considered to be the ‘Spirit of Eltham’.

We will view a video produced for the Shire of Eltham in response to the 1985 Victorian Local Government Commission Report titled ‘The Restructure of Local Government in Victoria – Principles and Program’ (the Morris review). The recommendation was to amalgamate the Shires of Eltham and Diamond Valley, something that Eltham Council did not support as being appropriate for the shire or compatible with the ‘Spirit of Eltham’.

We will also be fortunate to have a presentation on this theme by Lynnsay Prunotto, a local architect, who is also involved in community planning activities, as well as some insights from Hamish Knox on his experience of growing up and working for many years in the region.

As always, Society members and visitors are most welcome to attend this meeting.

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