ThrowbackThursday: Pete’s Pool Centre, Main Road, Eltham, c.1989

Pete’s Pool Centre, 660 Main Road, Eltham, c.1989 (from the collection of Eltham District Historical Society).

#ThrowbackThursday – With all the unseasonably warm weather we have had lately, good chance people have been able to get more use out of their pools this last summer and autumn. Of course pools require a lot of maintenance and upkeep so the local pool shop becomes a trusted friend, recommending this or advising that to keep your pool in tip top condition. Where’s your favourite pool centre now? Well today we time travel back to c.1989 and to Pete’s Pool Centre situated between 660 Main Road, Eltham and the Shell Service Station on the corner of Mount Pleasant Road, opposite Wingrove Park. And check out the price of petrol; $0.579 versus $1.519 today if you fill up.

Did you ever visit Pete’s Pool Centre? What was it like? It has gone now, the property absorbed into the Service Station and Kmart Tyre and Auto Repair business; grass where the building once stood. Ten years earlier it was the presence of Alan Whitmore Estate Agent, which we caught a sight of in a previous time jump to the 1978 Eltham Festival Parade. Maybe he sold Pete’s Pool Centre?

660 Main Road, Eltham, February 2017 (Google Street View)

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