MysteryMonday: Sherbourne Road and Rattray Road, Montmorency, c.July 1991

 SOLVED – Rattray Road access from Sherbourne Road, Montmorency opposite the 7-Eleven and Eltham Fort Knox

(Eltham Shire Council depot back then and prior to that the former Fayrefield Hat Factory) heading towards Greensborough, prior to the roundabout.

#MysteryMonday – Today’s image is again of a residential area, possibly off a Main Road. It’s one of those that you either know it or not. There are no signage clues other than the landscaped streetscape and acute intersection. The street running off appears to be one way (at least with access from the Main Road) and that access street leads to another intersection with a Stop sign. Assuming the photo is taken from mid morning to mid afternoon, the Main Road could be running in a northeast through to northwest direction in the visible direction of travel with the access road veering off in a north to west direction.

Can you identify it? We’d love to hear from you; your thoughts and suggestions as to where it is and help us catalogue this image.

Over to you . . .

5 thoughts on “MysteryMonday: Sherbourne Road and Rattray Road, Montmorency, c.July 1991”

    1. Hi Lisa – full marks for solving this. Guess that’s the problem when driving past these roads but heading elsewhere; one’s eyes are focused elsewhere. Thanks for your contribution.


  1. The landscaping was a lot better back then. No doubt the drought had an impact. Was there a service station there in 1989 or was it more residential? This is Google Street View from October 2017.


    1. Yes I’m pretty sure there has always been a service station there. Prior to be united it was a 7 eleven before they went across the road as it is now.


      1. Thanks for the input Matt. Believe it was also a Food Plus. The gardens were certainly well looked after back in the 80s. The effects of the drought through the 90s and early 2000s on our gardens is very apparent when looking back through these sorts of images.


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