MysteryMonday: Long Gully Road Bridge, c.1970

Long Gully Road Bridge over Long Gully at Panton Hill, c.1970 (Photo: Russell Yeoman; from the collection of Eltham District Historical Society)

MYSTERY SOLVED – Long Gully Road Bridge over Long Gully at Panton Hill. The house in the background (believed to be 50 Long Gully Road burnt down in 1977.)

#MysteryMonday – Today we start a new feature; a mystery challenge. As we progress through our collection we sometimes come across a photo where we have no information about its identification or location, etc. Or sometimes we may just want to verify our own thoughts. So on Mondays, not necessarily every Monday, we will post a challenge and throw it open to the experts in our community to see if we can add more information to these wonderful old records.

Today’s image is of a local Eltham bridge. Can you identify it? We’d love to hear from you; your thoughts and suggestions as to where it is, any stories you can tell about it, and better still, any similar photos you can share?

Over to you . . .

3 thoughts on “MysteryMonday: Long Gully Road Bridge, c.1970”

  1. This house is where my older daughter was born 44 years ago last Monday (29/1/1974)…Is at the bottom end of Long Gully Road , Panton Hill. Was burnt by house fire about 1977, after we left. I know a lot about this place if anyone is interested.


    1. Hi Brett, thanks for the update. It looks like you have solved our first MondayMystery so well done and thanks very much for contributing. What a coincidence! Yes we would definitely like to learn more about this house, its actual address (no. 50?) and the fire also. It looks quite distinctive especially with the palm trees. We have had much discussion on our Facebook page until someone mentioned your comment on our website post.


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