ThrowbackThursday: Maunder’s Licensed Foodcentre, Lower Plenty

#ThrowbackThursday – Today we time travel back to the Lower Plenty shops and Maunder’s Licensed Foodcentre at the corner of Main Road and Para Road, Lower Plenty, c.1976; known today as the Lower Plenty IGA or Lower Plenty Cellars and Supermarket. And alongside, another well known favourite, Thompsons Pharmacy, still going strong over 40 years later as well as the newsagency.

As always, we’d love to hear your recollections of visiting the Foodcentre, Thompsons, the newsagency or indeed any of the shops in this local shopping precinct.

Lower Plenty shops, c.1976 (Photo: EDHS collection)


Lower Plenty shops, Sep 2016 (Photo: Google Street View)


10 thoughts on “ThrowbackThursday: Maunder’s Licensed Foodcentre, Lower Plenty”

  1. I worked in Thompson’s Pharmacy in 1976 for 6 years,part time and still keep in contact with my workmates. Also did all my shopping in Maunders.


    1. Thanks for the comment Mary. Thompson’s Pharmacy has an extensive history in the district at various locations. We were very fortunate to have Norm Williams speak at one of our Society meetings last year about Thompson’s and its history and he had many fascinating things to share. It certainly seems like the staff over the years are one big happy family.


  2. One of my earliest memories was as a 4 year old, being pushed around by my mother, sitting in the child seat of the trolley. It was a hot summer day. I felt ill and vomited extravagantly all over the aisle. One little girl cried as some had gone over her new shiny shoes. My mum apologised to the poor weekend boy who had to mop it up.
    I remember the groceries being packed into a paper bag by the young man whom we knew by name and dad buying flagons of claret from the bottle shop while I sat on the rides at the front that he never gave me money for. Saturday morning shopping trips seemed to take forever because there was always someone to talk to.


  3. Hi i just saw this on facebook, my mum and dad owned the newsagency between 1973 to 1982 there name was Ross and Else Boyes i basicially grew up in front of these shops and new everybody in every shop. My dad passed away 13 years ago my mum is still alive. There was a milk bar next to the newsagent run by the Pitsilas family and then the fish and chip shop potato cakes were 2 cents and minimum chips was 8 cents you could get about 10 different species of fish all caught in Victoria. I could go on about every shop on that strip there was even a hardware down the bottom owned by Mr and Mrs Imoff they were at least 70 years old and Mrs Imoff would fall asleep behind the counter. the Salvatores owned the fruit shop. Maunders was always busy there was a shoe shop next to it pretty sure it became a hair dresser. I love this photo you have made my day im 52 years old now and this photo bought back so many memories when i was a kid.
    Thans heaps Nils Boyes.


    1. Hi Nils,
      Thanks so much for your comments and great memories. We will be sure to record these in our catalogue record. It just shows how powerful even ordinary everyday images can prove to be.


  4. Hi I worked at Maunders from 1974 till early 80s seeing your picture of Maunders food master with the white toyota delivery van out front bought back so many memories i use to do the deliveries in that van as well as stocking the shelf’s. Keith Maunder was a fantastic and extremely great person to work for. when Mr Maunder sold i left.


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