ThrowbackThursday: Ansell and Muir’s Chicken Shop, Main Rd, Eltham South

#ThrowbackThursday – Today we time travel back to 1960 Main Road, Eltham opposite the Lower Eltham Park, site of the current Fleur de Feliss flower stall. Many longer term residents of Eltham have fond memories of the chicken shop run by Ansell and Muir. Unfortunately the store stood within the 1934 flood zone and the property was unable to be be redeveloped. The former Shire of Eltham acquired the land and the building was subsequently demolished.

As always, we’d love to hear your recollections of visiting this store.

Eltham South Store later Ansell & Muir c.1960 [Photo from the collection of EDHS; donated by George W. Bell]
Current site of the former Chicken shop


4 thoughts on “ThrowbackThursday: Ansell and Muir’s Chicken Shop, Main Rd, Eltham South”

  1. Prior to Ansell and Muirs it was a milk bar, and I recall the building also being a Devonshire tea cafe (late 50’s) open only on weekends, to service the park and mini railway opposite. A friend and I went to buy a bag of lollies and blue heaven spyder when it was a milk bar, and as the drinks were being made, we watched a big rat casually walk across the top of the trays of lollies under the glass counter! We left with just the drinks.


    1. Hey Brett, I remember it well as a Milk Bar during the period i was at High School during the Sixties. Don’t actually remember it as a chicken shop then though. My brother and Ross Grounds launched one of their fearsomely dangerous home made
      rockets just opposite this shop.

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  2. we lived in lower eltham park from 1960 to 1971 in the tee rooms at one stage they had pinbool machines and they use to sell crackers for cracker nights penny bangers you could hold them in you hand and light them up or blow up ant hills


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