Do you remember the Eltham Barrel?

Do you remember the Eltham Barrel?

Well you can now you have the chance to own your own original permanent souvenir of the Eltham Barrel thanks to a donation from one of our Society’s members.

Eltham Barrel souvenir coin tray (coin not included)

Come along to the Eltham Rotary Festival in Alistair Knox Park, Main Road, Eltham this coming Sunday (13th November 2016) and say hi to us.

The Eltham District Historical Society will have for sale a limited number of these trays depicting the Eltham Barrel in its heyday.

Be quick though if you want to own a rare souvenir of the iconic Eltham Barrel !

 Dinner at the Eltham Barrel was a big treat back in the 70s’


4 thoughts on “Do you remember the Eltham Barrel?”

    1. Hi Kellie,

      If you can send us an email to with your details we will try and work something out. Please note that the person who can assist you will be away till next week. If you live locally, there may be a chance you could pick one up directly and avoid postage costs. Cheers


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