Heritage Walk: Belle Vue Farm – 7 March, 2pm

Photo of Belle Vue sourced from Morrison Kleeman Estate Agents Eltham advertisement, February 2013

Belle Vue farm comprised about 56 ha (140 acres) extending northerly from the northern boundary of Holloway’s 1851 Little Eltham subdivision. On the present day map the southern boundary was just north of Elsa Court and Grove Street. The western boundary was the Diamond Creek and extended northerly to Main Road where it turns easterly towards Research. It was traversed by the main road to Kangaroo Ground and beyond and from 1912 by the railway to Hurstbridge.

From 1895 the farm was owned by William Williams and his wife Mary Ann. In 1914-15 they built a new house now known as “Belle Vue”. They sold the land in 1920 and residential subdivision began soon after that.

A recent image of Belle Vue
A recent image of Belle; February 2015

“Belle Vue” today remains on a large residential lot in Livingstone Road. The house and many old trees on the site have been subject to a heritage overlay under the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. Despite that overlay most of the heritage trees have been removed.

For our excursion on 7th March we intend to walk through the former farm area that is now a residential neighbourhood. The route will include views of “Belle Vue” and a number of other interesting houses and features of historic interest.

This walk is about 3.5 km in length and will take 2 to 2.5 hours. It will start at 2pm at the northern end of the Eltham railway station carpark in Main Road opposite Luck Street. (Melway ref.21 K4).

This free walk is open to the general public as well as Society members. Dogs are not permitted on Society excursions. The phone number for contact on the day is 0409 021 063.

2 thoughts on “Heritage Walk: Belle Vue Farm – 7 March, 2pm”

  1. We moved into a brand new weather board in Stanley ave It was “Lot 8” later to become 51 in 1958 It was the last house before the “Browns” cow paddock. I started Grove st the year it opened in 63 as a prep.Mr Haines was the headmaster and gave me the strap at 5 ! All dirt roads then I still remember most from the area Eg “The Madam” in the double story house .We would walk to Sweeneys lane for a swim all cross country,(at 10) Sugar gliders lived in the house opposite ,the posty came twice per day on a pushbike ,everyone knew everyone moved out from fires a few times.Could not cross the creek when it was flooded and had to walk to Elsa crt .Every day walked to Grove st from 5 to 12 years old ,6 siblings attended, one in every grade but, Grade 1 Free Milk to


    1. That’s fantastic; thanks for sharing Neville. Certainly different times to what the children at Eltham East experience today growing up in Eltham. Are you still living locally? We would be happy for you to drop in and chat about your recollections. And if you have any old photos of those times around Grove Street and Sweeneys and your childhood haunts that you would care to share with us then we would be very happy to add them to our collection and help share these wonderful stories.


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